The music of Rolland Jacks

Songs, Musicals, and Operettas


I’ve written several hundred worship and sacred songs, produced forty-four in two CD’s and have written well over one hundred easy listening and country songs. While I’ve never tried to sell any of my individual songs, many have been published in my musicals, operettas and movies.


BIZZZY! Staged in Los Angeles in 2010

BIZZZY! Is a musical comedy set in the 70’s about Kelly Corbett, a widow who is very busy with two jobs, trying to raise two teen aged kids, dealing with her grief,  and trying to outsmart Orville Schlymann, a lecherous IRS agent who offers to reduce a tax debt she doesn’t actually owe if she’ll spend a few weekends with him. Kelly loathes him but pretends to like him. With the help of Sam Rivers, her high-school sweetheart who comes back into her life, Kelly discovers that Schlymann is lying and sets him up for a confession that’s secretly recorded and shared with his wife and the public. All ends well when  Schlymann is humiliated and Sam proposes to Kelly.


CHILD OF MARY  Staged in Los Angeles in 2015

Child of Mary focuses on the loving relationship between Joseph and Mary, Jesus’ mother; Joseph’s anger and grief when he realizes she is pregnant and is hounded by the villagers to have her stoned; and their tender and joyful reconciliation when the angel tells him the baby is God’s son and to marry her. From that point on it’s Mary and Joseph against the world and especially an arrogant Pharisee who spies on them for King Herod. Humor is added by Mary’s teen-aged brother and the town drunk, and even the pharisee.

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