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I was born on a rainy night in Compton California on February 7, 1934. As my parents told me, it was a race to the hospital to get there before being delivered in the car.  Maybe that’s why I’ve always been in a bit of a hurry. I’m the fifth of five children, two brothers and two sisters, and the only one surviving today.

I grew up in Lynwood California, where I lived until 1951 when I moved to Santa Barbara to attend Westmont College. Living in only one place somewhat limited the experiences I had. However, it also offered me a lot of stability and the same friends until I went away to college.


Writing poems, per se, has not been a high priority with me, but when I’m sparked with an idea, I go ahead and write a poem. I’ve included a few on my writings page. Most of my poems have actually been expressed as lyrics to songs. Lyrics are not actually poems but they rhyme, of course, and some are definitely poetic and would be heard as poems if read without the music


I’ve written several hundred worship and sacred songs, produced forty-four in two CD’s and have written well over one hundred easy listening and country songs. While I’ve never tried to sell any of my individual songs, many have been published in my musicals, operettas and movies.


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Restoration Oaks Ranch

Restoration Oaks Ranch is 955 acres of wild oak woodlands, savanahs and cattle-grazing grasslands located 4 miles south of Buellton and 35 miles north of Santa Barbara, California. Featuring beautiful facilities for farm stays, weddings & events, Restoration Oaks Ranch is also home to a nationally recognized UPick berry farm and the Wild Farmlands Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to agroecology education and innovations in local food systems & sustainable land regeneration.

The Wedding Venue


U-pick Blueberries

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